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Pope Francis Historic Trip to Juarez, Mexico. 2016

 This very special feast day to officially announce Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico, which will conclude with a stop to Ciudad Juarez, our sister city, on Feb. 17, 2016.  I wish to express my great excitement for the Mexican people to have this opportunity to welcome Pope Francis.  Mexicans are well known for their special love and affection for our popes. And, we expect Pope Francis’s upcoming visit, to elicit much of this same type of affection, especially given that he is the first Latin American pope. Juarez, great host to the world. We are expecting a visit, friends come out and we want to welcome them with arms wide open. Juarez has always been characterized for it’s strength, kindness and hospitality of it’s people. Juarez households are always open to receive with happiness these kind of visits without distinctions and sharing what they have. The Pope’s visit to our city in a historic and unprecedented event. One of the most important peace leaders in the world comes to the city that was once considered the most violent in the world. This will be a world class event and an international level story. People from all around the world will visit us and everybody will benefit from it including commerce and tourism. Now, we need to be united more than ever because the world’s eyes will be set upon us. You are the host, we show you the scoop image that will represent us worldwide.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get tickets to the Feb. 17th Mass in Juarez?
The Pope’s visit to Juarez is the last stop on his Mexico tour. As such, the Diocese of Juarez is in charge of all activities there including the Papal Mass.  Information on the distribution of tickets for the Mass will be forthcoming in next few days. Check here for updates.Is the Diocese of El Paso organizing a pilgrimage to Juarez for the Pope’s visit?
The Diocese of El Paso is not organizing a pilgrimage to Juarez for the Pope’s visit.  The Diocese of El Paso encourages all parishes to participate in the celebration of the Papal Mass which will be held in El Paso. Details about this liturgy are still emerging and will be updated here.What activities will the Diocese of El Paso provide in support of the Pope’s border visit?
The Diocese of El Paso will host a papal celebration at the Sun Bowl.  Times are TBA as is ticketing information.

What documents will I need if I want to travel to Juarez for the Papal Mass?
Though El Paso and Juarez are close in proximity and community, it’s important to remember that the Papal Mass is being held in Mexico and the appropriate travel documents are required. To ensure you have the right documentation, check here:

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