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Tours of Juarez


Official Juarez Visitor

Downtown Historic District

  • Markets Juarez, Cuahtemoc and Reforma.(local vendors, art craft, shopping district)
  • Museum of the Revolution (MUREF)
  • Juarez avenue: Kentucky Bar, Mariachi Bar, Yankees Bar, Club 15, Pharmacy Benavides.
  • Restaurants: La Nueva Central, El Tragadero (Steak House),
  • Main square
  • Old City Hall
  • Cathedral and Mission of Guadalupe
  • Bull Ring ¨Plaza Balderas¨
  • Jewerly Center
  • Benito Juarez Monument

Also we have different areas in the city you can visit:

  • Viva Mexico Restaurant Live Show
  • Museums La Rodadora, INBA (art), MUREF, Gallery of Art Amor x Juarez.
  • Rio Grande Mall
  • Consulate area
  • Misiones Shopping Mall
  • Gomez Morin District (Bar and Restaurants)
  • Casinos (Machine slots, Poker and Blackjack Tables).

For More information and reservations call us 9153454744 or email ohyesjuarez1@gmail.com!!

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