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Here is Juarez . . . in its old districts and its new neighborhoods, in the winds of the frontier, in the witty volubility of its people, in its daily grind, in its Rio Bravo, in its bridges, in its industry . . . here is Juarez here a great number of stories interact; all crowded in this beautiful chaos of everyday life but intermingling with a cast of character that repeat inaccessibly without knowing if they are protagonists or characters of many stories developing at once.

Juarez is the larges border city in Mexico and it carries the name of Benito Juarez because Juarez was shelter to him and the countries presidency and thanks to his actions it was possible to recover the republic. Juarez hides in its corners the small towns lost in the great maps that only appear miraculously because it has in its streets characters and accents that come from every corner of the country; That generate in its cuisine smells that send us back to forgotten places hidden places but that today have their home and place in the city, Ciudad Juarez.

Here is the provincial country love that in the same way is present in its neighborhoods in reunions with friends and family as it is in varieties of restaurants, casinos, hotels and stores. Here is Juarez with a little bit of everything but over all full of noble people humble and brave, generous, hard working andvisionary in other words so full of life. Not everyone has the privilege of living in a border city, its not a coincidence that year after year thousands pass thru Juarez finding this enchanting mix that complements our cities many days of sun and its people.  Juarez is here in its industrial fields were juarenses hands produce medical equipment, auto supplies, phones and products that reach everyone around the world. And thanks to the hands, ideas and designs from juarenses life is easier.  Here is Juarez; in its universities, schools and collages that year after year cultivate and graduate professional scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs that use their unique bicultural border ingredient to contribute a fresh and distinct vision wherever they are.

Here is Juarez in its history were the gantlines inherited from its first inhabitants blends itself with the vision of enterprising friars and the adventures blood of the Spanish conquistadores. Here is Juarez; were the “Toma of Ciudad Juarez” takes place and the signing of the treaties that force president Porfirio Diaz to resign. It was here were Franscisco I Madero made his triumphant entry and it was in the Aduana Building (Museo de la Revolucion) were he established his headquarters; witnessed many wars and battles still stands today. Here is Juarez invincible heroic stunning. The only city that has received lands from the United States without the need for a war. Here is Juarez at times hidden in its modernist and progressive architecture; Juarez in its intense commercial corridors with something special for everyone; Here is Juarez were no one is worth less that anyone, were the talent of artist, athletes, boxers, singers, composers and more build their lives and choose their fate that bastion of pride for the important actors of this eternal play that is coming and going on the streets, the bridges and the avenues of Juarez, they are the true heroes in this story they are made of tradition, bravery, truth, love and solidarity . The essence of Ciudad Juarez is present in the pride of its people, the juarenses, the ones from here the ones with conviction Juarez is the people that built ii every day; Juarez moves like the sands of its desert and like it Juarez has a burning heart that makes it dynamic thriving, entrepreneur and distinguished it transforms and recreates itself every day as it has for so many years with the desires and hard work of its inhabitants.

Welcome to Ciudad Juárez the largest Border City of the world. Home to noble and brave people than come from every corner of the country. Here is Juárez, in its history, where the Mexican Revolution was finalized. Juárez is here, where juarenses hands produce endless amounts of supplies and goods that make life easier for millions of people around the world. The best cities the most beautiful cities are the ones that shine with their own light thanks to their people . . . here are the juarenses here is Ciudad Juárez . . .

Juarez is Waiting For You . . .

This is Juarez


Historic Downtown Walking Tour.  We depart from El Paso Texas towards Ciudad Juarez and explore the fantastic sites downtown Juarez has to offer. From the first Mission built to the Kentucky Bar were the margarita was invented this tour is great for people just wanting to see the Downtown District. For more information or to book this tour e-mail us at